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&&&&&&&&& Treasure

&&&&&&&&& Treasure

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&&&&&&&&& Treasure breaks with tradition twice - inventing new items whilst re-imagining the old, a mutant cousin to the Little Brown Books.

Spiral bound to lay flat at the table, sized to fit discreetly into a jacket pocket, this is packed full of money and treasure to fill any hoard.

Treasure tables re-organised to be legible and usable no more letter codes
d12 coins with value beyond their constituent minerals
d20 cultural artefacts discovered in forgotten places
d20 weapons and their associated folklore
d20 armours of dire provenance
d20 potions re-imagined from the old
d20 rings bearing the legacy of their origin
d10 staves and their designs upon the world
d10 grimoires beyond ink and paper
d20 items of mixed form and troubling usages.

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