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Tokaido: Crossroads Expansion

Tokaido: Crossroads Expansion

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Crossroads is an expansion for the game Tokaido and cannot be played without the base game. Crossroads will open up new doors and many new possibilities to make the journey even richer and more strategic. Each Tokaido station (with the exception of the Inns) gives the Travelers a new option.

The Tokaido is ready to unveil a few more treasures for the most faithful Travelers: cherry trees in full bloom, luxurious bathhouses, good-luck charms, calligraphy, legendary objects and even clandestine gambling rooms are now part of the journey!

1 Game board
6 Amulet cards
6 Legendary Object cards
6 Bathouse cards
6 Calligraphy cards
6 Cherry Tree cards
1 Fortune die
6 Traveler tiles

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