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The Mystery Agency: The Man From Sector Six

The Mystery Agency: The Man From Sector Six

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The Man From Sector Six is the fourth in the award-winning series created by Henry Lewis, the Olivier winning writer and star of internationally acclaimed ‘The Play That Goes Wrong’ and host of ITV’s ‘Riddiculous’ quiz show.

When you open the box, you’ll discover a newspaper cutting and a locked, official-looking document portfolio that was left behind by a mysterious agent who suddenly appeared and then disappeared again. You’ll also learn that the agent left behind a dire warning about a monumental peril facing humanity, setting the stage for an urgent and totally immersive challenge.

Multiple brainteasers and locks, featuring a variety of puzzle types, will put your team of detectives’ problem-solving skills to the test. You will also need to uncover and hack into a hidden website to discover more clues about this secretive agency.

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