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Starry Night - Van Gogh Dice

Starry Night - Van Gogh Dice

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These polyhedral gaming dice contain the following color scheme to match the original masterpiece:


These dice are so packed with meaning, as is the original painting. 


…are dice specifically designed after the master artistry of Vincent Van Gogh, both in his unique impasto painting style, as well as after specific art pieces.  We’ve mixed, without blending, opaque colors; while colors are chosen to emulate our favorite masterpieces.  We’re honored to bring Vincent Van Gogh’s painting to the world of dice.

This Van Gogh Dice set is designed after his most popular piece in modern times: The Starry Night.  We sincerely hope you enjoy it as a centerpiece of your dice collection.

Each die has the high and low numbers centered on the two halves for high-speed number recognition.

Made of high-impact resin, with custom manufacturing methods that prevent air-bubbles from forming inside, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet!

7-Die Sets – Contains a d4, d6, d8, d10, d% (00), d12 and a d20.  Ships in a Dice Keep!

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