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We bring to you the next revolution for card game accessories: the Sizemorph Divider! Our brand-new innovation is the first divider on the market that can change its width to fit into almost any unused box space. 

Tidy up your deck box! No matter if you want to fill up space between two decks of cards or keep your deck boxes safely in place, the Sizemorph Divider has you covered. Its width can vary between 5 and 30 millimeters, allowing maximum flexibility. The Sizemorph Divider comes with a foldable register tab that makes sure that no cards are harmed while closing the box. The register tab will fold to the back and unfold when the box is opened. 

Available in 8 different colors, our Sizemorph Divider is the perfect accessory for players of any TCG and LCG, like Magic: The Gathering or Marvel Champions: The Card Game, as well as board and card games.

  • SPACE-SAVING INNOVATION: Sizemorph Divider is the first card divider that adjusts its width to fit unused box space, keeping your decks and cards organized.
  • SECURE STORAGE: No more shifting decks! Sizemorph comes with an additional buffer to keep your cards and deck boxes safely in place.
  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: Its width is adaptable, ranging from 5 to 30 millimeters, providing versatile usage for TCG, LCG, board, and card games.
  • CARD-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Featuring a foldable register tab that safeguards your cards during box closure, it unfolds when the box is opened.
  • VIBRANT OPTIONS: Available in 8 different colors, the Sizemorph Divider complements the style of any card game enthusiast.
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