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Pop Freak!

Pop Freak!

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Get ready for charades like you’ve never played it before.
This game is designed for pop-culture obsessives who are quick on their feet and great at charades. Packaged as cards in a deck, this game can be played anywhere you'd like - as long as you're not embarrassed acting in public.

In the style of the incredibly popular Monikers, and its public-domain predecessor Celebrities, Pop Freak! divides players into teams, to battle it out through three rounds. The game begins with each team pulling cards from the deck; these are shuffled together and form the cards in play for all rounds. These could feature songs, movies, shows or pop-culture personalities.

Round 1.) Say anything you want to get your team members to guess the card (except spelling, rhyming, or the actual words on the card. No one likes it when you do that.) Round 2.) Same cards, but now you can only say one word. Yes one. No changing when your team can't guess, it's not the other team's fault you were bad at picking. Round 3.) Charades. No words and hopefully good memories of what's in that playing deck.

Each team takes a turn, with one player up and one minute on the clock. When time's up, the next team gets their turn, and so on until the playing deck is gone. The goal: collect as many cards as you can. They're each worth points, at the end of the round. Tally them up, shuffle them again, and get creative. The team at the end of round 3 with the most points wins it all (until next time).
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