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    Mystery Dice – It’s about more than just dice…

    Mystery Dice – It’s about more than just dice…

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    Life is full of surprises!

    With our best-ever Mystery Dice option, you choose the set type: 7-die set, 11-die set, or bulk dice pack (12d6, etc), and we choose a premium quality dice design and color to surprise you with from over 150 unique dice sets!  Every set added to your order will be unique.  No duplicates, guaranteed!

    Save money and have some fun! …but whatever will it be!?!

    • All 7-die sets are premium resin GKG-designed dice sets valued at $13.95-18.95 – over 120 possible designs!

    GKG Mystery Guarantees: No duplicates in any given order of any size up to the max count of “possible designs” for its type.  No second hand / resell sets.  No cheap acrylic plastic with air bubbles in ’em.  Only premium resin dice you’ll love!
    “The heaviest, densest, and most well balanced resin dice on the planet!”

    **Comes in mystery dice baggie

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