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Mothership: Adventure: Resonant

Mothership: Adventure: Resonant

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A crisp audio signal: ‘Mayday Mayday Mayday! 48.3295° N, 74.1313° W. Rostrum Corporation urgently requests immediate assistance under Galactic Corporate Mutual Profit Agreement 222. Rostrum will reward any rescuers per statute stipulations.’

Resonant is a sci-fi horror adventure for MOTHERSHIP, inspired by The Expanse, Havana Syndrome, and industrial negligence. The crew takes a routine job from Rostrum Corp. then receives conflicting distress signals during planetfall. Will they side with the colonists, or the corporation? Either way, they won’t have an easy time getting off “Unlucky 7”.

Resonant includes:
Four detailed locations including the Rostrum Corporation Forward Base, “Unlucky 7” Colony Outpost, and the collapsing Dam.

An overland hexcrawl across the surface of a craggy, sunblasted planet.

Symptoms of Resonant Exposure, an infrasound virus that slowly turns its victims into crablike monstrosities.

Colonist generator tables to help fill your space stations, mining rigs, and derelict ships with interesting characters.

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