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GM Assist Dice - Speciality Dice Set

GM Assist Dice - Speciality Dice Set

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A specialty set of dice designed to assist noble Game Masters as they prepare on-the-fly adventures for their players.

Finely crafted based on 20 years of personal GM experience, these 10 oversized dice are designed to assist with the 7 most common major randomization needs GMs face.
Good-bye charts!

Randomization dice for the following 7 needs:

  • Random Encounters (Severity & Activity)
  • NPC Attitude
  • Hit Location (Body Part & Section Modifiers)
  • Critical Effect
  • Trap/Element Type
  • Weather
  • Loot Size


Game Master Assist Dice are a specialty dice set designed to assist our noble Game Masters as they prepare on-the-fly adventures for their players.

Finely crafted based on 20 years of GM experience, these 10 oversized and color-coded dice are designed to assist with the 7 most significant randomization needs GMs face.  GM Assist Dice are guaranteed to increase the creativity levels of your gaming experience, while also cutting down on gameplay time.  (No charts needed!)

Let’s take a look at each die, and the problem it solves.

  • Random Encounter Dice (2) – A pair of purple dice, 1d10 and 1d12.  This pair of dice not only instantly suggests the relative difficulty level of the encounter, from “Innocent” (ie: a squirrel) to “Deadly” (ie: an adult dragon), it also tells you the state you find it in.  Yes, it may have found you first and is now attacking you, but perhaps it’s noticed you but is “Uninterested” or even sleeping!  Guaranteed to increase the quality and variety of your random encounters!
  • NPC Attitude (1)  – A single yellow d10.  This die can be used to help your GM stop making all the NPCs the same personality type.  Maybe they tended to all be “Miserable”, “Uninterested”, or overly “Welcoming”, but now you’ll run into a better array of NPCs with on-the-spot attitudes ranging from “Angry” to “Amiable”!
  • Hit Location (3) – A trio of white dice, 2d12 and a d10.  Using the “Modifier d10” with either the Humanoid d12 OR the Quadruped d12, your every critical hit will now have an instantly-generated flavor location to aid the power of the moment.
  • Critical Effect (1) – Well sure, you critted, but what special effect did it generate beyond bonus damage?  This single red d12, will tell you if you dismembered the foe at the location rolled, caused recurring bleeding damage, or any of 12 total unique effects!  You’ll never crit the same place or in the same way again!
  • Trap/Element Type (1) – A single brown d12.  This awesome randomizer for unplanned traps has a massive variety of traps with both image and text name on it!  Fire and poison are no longer your only options!  Also useful for simply randomizing an element or damage type a foe or NPC might be wielding.
  • Weather (1) – A single blue d10.  Featuring a well-balanced array of weather types, it’s no longer always sunny because your GM forgot to think about it.  Let nature take over, and create some interesting ambiance for your adventure in, or out of, town today.
  • Loot Size! (1) – A single burnish gold d12.  Unplanned battles need unplanned loot!  Was it a few coins, a treasure chest, or a rare special item!?  Let’s open the pathways to greatness by allowing a randomized loot size and type!

All GM Assist Dice sets come with a “30-Second How to Use Guide”, explaining the fun and varieties each die type can be used for.

Made of high-impact resin, with the same casting process we invented for our original Halfsies Dice in 2013 that prevents air-bubbles from forming inside, Gate Keeper Games dice bear the honor of being the heaviest, densest, and most well-balanced resin dice on the planet!

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