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Four Corners: Kaleidoscope

Four Corners: Kaleidoscope

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Four Corners: Kaleidoscope™ is a living puzzle! In this quick, fun, and captivating game, everyone has a different solution, but only the player who best manipulates the board and completes their puzzle will win!

Players each start a game of Four Corners: Kaleidoscope™ game with secret goals. Every turn, you’ll add, twist, rotate, and flip tiles to reach your goal. This is achieved on the unique, patented Four Corners game board, which allows tiles to rotate and move without affecting neighboring tiles. You score a goal either by creating sequences of four identical images, or by completing a full image from the corners of four tiles. Watch out, because other players will also be shifting and changing the board to shape it the way they need. The first player to achieve three of their secret goals wins!

1-6 players
Ages 8+
20-40 minute play time

35 Goal cards
78 Puzzle tiles
1 Game board (four modular 3x3 pieces)

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