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echoes: The Cocktail

echoes: The Cocktail

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In an illegal bar, the New York underworld is hatching sinister plans. The echo of the past holds the identity of their leader, the "Cruel Steve". echoes is a unique, cooperative audio mystery game. With the help of the free Ravensburger echoes app, players hear mysterious sounds and voices that are connected to the card motifs. Together, they put the 24 parts of the story in the right order to solve the case.

The free Ravensburger echoes app is required to play. In the listening mode of the app, players can play the sounds. In the solving mode, players check four cards each for their order to solve chapter by chapter. Finally, players must put the entire story in the correct order to solve the case. For an optimal gaming experience with camera recognition, a device with the following requirements is required: at least iPhone 6s with iOS 12.0 or later / Android device with at least Android 7.0 and compatible with Google Play services for AR (these can be installed later on some devices). If the device does not meet these requirements, it can be played manually.


6 chapter marker tiles, 18 item cards
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