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D&D RPG: Dragonlance - Warriors of Krynn Board Game

D&D RPG: Dragonlance - Warriors of Krynn Board Game

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Battle for the World of Dragonlance! A World at War!

A cooperative mass-battle game pitting the heroes and their allies against the fearsome Dragon Army.

  • Introduces a war game experience to D&D 5th edition, featuring heroes who participate in large scale military battles
  • Provides a complete stand-alone co-operative battle game experience in the world of Dragonlance
  • Demonstrates options for integrating play with six Shadow of the Dragon Queen encounters by providing scenarios with win/loss outcomes that impact the roleplaying game experience, resulting in different encounter and quest choices for players
  • Designed by Rob Daviau and Stephen Baker


  • 6 Highly detailed hero figures
  • 6 Hero Boards
  • 136 Plastic unit markers
  • 10 Double sided Battle tiles
  • 22 Double sided Adventure tiles
  • 7 Custom Dice
  • 92 Tokens
  • 320 Cards
  • 7 Card dividers
  • 1 Storage tray
  • 1 Rulebook 
  • 1 Scenario book 
  • 1 Key Moments Tracker 
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