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D&D Prismatic Paint: Intermediate Case

D&D Prismatic Paint: Intermediate Case

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D&D Prismatic Paint is designed to go on smoothly and leave a nice, matte finish on hobby miniatures. Developed by Acrylicos Vallejo, should appeal to beginners and experienced painters alike.

Each of these paints comes in an 8ml dropper bottle, to help painters keep their crafting surfaces free of spills. Each bottle is labeled with the paint color and product code, as well as a logo indicating if the contents are a basic color, a wash, an effect paint, a metallic, or a medium or varnish.

The Intermediate Case includes 30 colors from the Wave 1 Prismatic Paint line as well as 2 paint brushes.


2 Brushes
30 Paints (8ml)
  ‣ Black
  ‣ Bright Bronze (Metallic)
  ‣ Bullywug Hide
  ‣ Dark Flesh Tone
  ‣ Dead White
  ‣ Dried Blood (Effect)
  ‣ Dry Rust (Effect)
  ‣ Electric Blue
  ‣ Elfic Flesh
  ‣ Ettercap
  ‣ Faerie Dragon Wings
  ‣ Ghoul Flesh
  ‣ Glorious Gold (Metallic)
  ‣ Gloss Varnish
  ‣ Gunmetal (Metallic)
  ‣ Illithid Skin
  ‣ Juiblex Slime Wash
  ‣ Kobold Scales
  ‣ Magic Blue
  ‣ Metal Medium
  ‣ Myconid Spore
  ‣ Rust Monster
  ‣ Scarlet Red
  ‣ Sick Green
  ‣ Stonewall Grey
  ‣ Tarrasque Carapace
  ‣ Thri-Kreen Chitin
  ‣ Ultramarine Blue
  ‣ Verdigris (Effect)
  ‣ Winter Wolf Pelt
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