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D&D 5E: Dr. Grordbort's Scientific Adventure Violence

D&D 5E: Dr. Grordbort's Scientific Adventure Violence

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Grab your raygun, strap in, and blaze your smoking, likely radioactive, trail through the Solar System!


Blast off into a retro-futuristic, pulp sci-fi cosmos bursting with rayguns, rocketships, robots, and ... did we mention rayguns?


Based on the comics, art, and universe invented by Wētā Workshop’s Greg Broadmore, this is a unique and comprehensive guide to creating outlandish, interplanetary adventures compatible with the fifth and fifth-and-a-half editions of some game with dragons and other silly, scientifically unfounded elements.


Packed with more than 400 illustrations by Broadmore and Wētā Workshop artists, this technological tome features:

All 10 5E character classes ... but scientized! Plus 5 (known) Species and 20 new Backgrounds to choose from.
125+ rayguns, gadgets, gizmos, armour, and adventuring gear.
26 vehicles — from tanks and rockets to walkers and airships — plus rules for air-to-air, space-to-space, and orbit-to-ground combat.
61 creatures, 26 NPCs, and several factions vying for power.
8 bizarre and powerful technology types, each with their own unique malfunctions table.
4 worlds to explore, each with its own atmospheric conditions, secrets, and plot hooks — plus guidance on creating adventures in the great beyond!

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