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Flesh and Blood: Uprising 1st Ed. Booster Box

Flesh and Blood: Uprising 1st Ed. Booster Box

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Uprising is a standalone booster set that plunges fans into a brutal civil war sweeping across the harsh and unforgiving land of Volcor. Dromai, an Imperial Illusionist able to conjure the legendary dragons of Volcor out of aether and ash faces off against Fai, a hot-headed Ninja who spearheads the Uprising against the draconian oppression of the Imperials, while Iyslander journeys from her Icy homestead in search of answers to painful questions seared deep within her mind.

Uprising is designed for exceptional booster draft, sealed deck, and constructed play, and it includes incredible “Marvels” that will leave players and collectors in awe!

Uprising includes 226 cards, comprising 1 Fabled, 6 Legendary, 27 Majestic, 51 Rare, 125 Common, and 16 Tokens. There are also some number of Marvel-rarity cards, each one having a carefully crafted design feature that sets it apart from its regular printing.

Each pack contains 1 Rainbow Foil, 2 Rares or higher, 11 Commons, and 2 Tokens. Display box contains 24 packs.

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