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Business Wizards

Business Wizards

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A roleplaying game in the Arcane World of Business!

In Business Wizards you are a BIZARD! That means you are wizard who is ALL BUSINESS! You solve your daily problems with magic and sorcery rather than good old fashioned work ethic!

In the same vain as Kobolds Ate My Baby! this new Polymorph title brings much silliness and a meta take on both BUSINESS and WIZARDS!!! Fans of Kobolds Ate My Baby and other Polymorph games will both LOVE clocking into this adventure!

Do you love a challenge? Can you cast legendary spells on time and under budget? Are your illusionary projections actually illusions? Join a magically powered up team with flexible hours and competitive treasure/experience share. Only highly proficient communicators and ace spellcasters need apply. Experience with Crystal Balls, PCs and NPCs is a plus.

In Business Wizards you can:
Attend STAFF meetings
Get mad at the MIMIC copier
Chat around the GELATINOUS CUBE cooler
and much more!
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