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Badge Quest

Badge Quest

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Get ready to join the Brave Blossoms, a group of tenacious scouts who are determined to make the world a better place, one cookie at a time. In this thrilling roleplaying game, you'll lead your troop on exciting adventures as they explore their town, solve mysteries, and sell cookies to earn badges and rank up. With six unique archetypes to choose from, players can customize their Blossom to fit their playstyle, whether they're using their wits as the Leader Blossom or brawn as the Enforcer Blossom.

This core rulebook includes 20 mysteries to challenge the Blossoms, each with its own synopsis, background, outline, and rewards, ensuring hours of gameplay. In addition to the mysteries, the Badge Quest Complete Gamebook provides gamemasters with campaign resources, such as tips for successful narration, improvisation aids, troubleshooting advice, and a detailed flow of a typical campaign. With all of these tools at their disposal, gamemasters can easily run games of Badge Quest for hours on end, creating unforgettable experiences for their players.

Join the Brave Blossoms today and discover the magic of friendship, adventure, and cookie-selling!

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