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Antique Copper Set of 7 Metal Dice

Antique Copper Set of 7 Metal Dice

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“After a night and a day of final adjustments, alterations, hammering, and tinkering, the gnome lit the fire in the construct’s belly and watched his copper automaton wheeze and belch to life. Steam leaked from a dozen poorly-soldered joints, but it worked. It worked!”

Make an impact (and leave a mark if you’re not careful.) This set of solid metal beauties weighs over 5 oz. and features:

  • Seven heavy duty polyhedral die—a D4, D6, D8, D10 (marked 0-9), D10 (marked 00-99), D12, and a D20.
  • A polished copper finish with stamped numbers filled in black.
  • Engineering to precise specs to ensure a consistent roll.
  • A strong aluminum-zinc alloy composition that will endure years of use.
  • A collectible metal storage case with padded lid that doubles as a dice tray.

Add a touch of crass (you read that right) to any RPG as you deal damage, make saves, and gloat every step of the way with these dice in hand.

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