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Ansagrams Party Game

Ansagrams Party Game

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A brand new quick fire quiz, with a wordy twist from the inventor of Obama Llama. For Ages 12+ ANSAGRAMS is a fun, fast paced quiz game that tests more than just your general knowledge. 5 simple questions stand between you and victory, but it’s only the FIRST LETTER of each of your answers that really matter. Because, when all five of those letters are unscrambled, they spell out a FIVE LETTER WORD. Will you be the first player to work it out within the 30 second time limit? All you’ll need is the cards, the stopwatch on your phone, a few friends, and something to jot your answers down on. Each card has 5 general knowledge questions on the front, and a random letter on the back. You'll win a card every time you correctly solve an ANSAGRAM. To be victorious, you must collect 3 cards that spell out a 3-letter word.

With over 500 questions, each game lasts roughly 30-minutes!

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