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Animal Adventures: RPG Faraway Sea Cat Miniatures

Animal Adventures: RPG Faraway Sea Cat Miniatures

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Pounce on your next roleplaying adventure as an intelligent feline bursting with character! From a Scottish Fold tinkermage to a Pixiebob barbarian, each kitty has been lovingly designed to represent a classic fantasy class. Now, they’re ready to set sail!

Inside this box you’ll find six fully assembled, highly detailed miniatures ready to paint or play. These cats are compatible with all fantasy roleplaying games and can be used as player characters, companions, or familiars. The choice is yours!

Ada, the Scottish Fold Tinkermage
Charm, the Chantilly-Tiffany Paladin
Huff, the Lykoi Druid
Lintle, the Siamese Rogue
Missy, the Oriental Shorthair Wizard
Earl, the Pixiebob Barbarian

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