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A Shadow Over Odir

A Shadow Over Odir

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A covetous monster haunts the streets of the statue-island of Odir, wreaking havoc on local markets and warehouses and terrifying its citizens at night. A ruthless hunter with a sordid past is hiring forces to capture the creature and free the city of this scourge… or so she says. Will you be able to find the monster's lair and end its reign of terror over the lower city? And who will you trust as your ally in this dangerous quest?

A Shadow over Odir is a tale of secrets and fears, of hidden beasts and covert powers - a tale of hard choices and hidden motives that will put your morality at risk every step of the way. Embrace the ways of Odir and explore its peoples, remedies, and weapons. Make the right friends, follow the mayhem, and beware of the streets at night.

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