Board Game Rentals - How It Works!

Rentals are for 1 week - with pricing typically based off of MSRP

- Games Under $20 MSRP are $5 per game

- Games Under $50 MSRP are $10 per game

-Games Over $50 MSRP are $15 per game (along with a handful of games that are harder to acquire/ are out of print)

- Love It? Want to Purchase It? You are in luck! If you purchase or order the SAME game rented, we will apply your rental fee towards your purchase! Easy Peazy. (Must be done when game is returned)

To avoid disappointment please email us or chat with us to confirm availability of games.

**All game rentals must be done in store & You must be 18 years or older**

The Details

- All payments are to be made by credit/debit card - the card is required to be kept on file with Remis Arcane Exchange. You will also receive a copy of your signed rental agreement with your receipt.

- An invoice for the rental fee + the full MSRP will be issued to you upon delivery of the game(s) - with the rental fee collected immediately. A game returned in good condition within the agreed rental period will result in the remaining invoice being canceled.

- Late fees are $1 per game/per day - failure to communicate with us w/in 7 days of the due date will authorize us to charge the full MSRP and rental fee to the card we have on file. All communication needs to be completed by email to or call us (563) 506-7395.

- If a game is accidentally delivered by us damaged or with missing parts, let us know immediately so we can make it right! If a game is damaged, or parts are lost while in your possession, let us know - if a repair or replacement is simple, we will charge the repair/replace cost - otherwise we will charge the full MSRP.